Pyrops sultanus

My short video of Pyrops sultanus on YouTube
I found over 58 on my recent trip. Some of them were very busy mating. Found 2 Apr. 2021. 1:52 PM. Kiulu, Tamparuli. Posted 8 Apr. 2021.
Found 9 Sept. 2017. Posted 27 Sept. 2017. Poring
Posted 29 December 2016. Found in Lawas, Sarawak (Borneo),Malaysia
Found 2 April 2016
Found 2 April 2016. Poring
Added 8 July 2015
Posted 8 July 2015. Poring
Pyrops sultanus
Posted Jan. 2013. Poring
Posted June 2013. Poring
Posted June 2013. Poring
Pyrops sultana
Posted Dec. 2013. Poring
Posted June 2013. Poring

Picture below show an unidentified object in the body of P. sultanus. According to reliable information, perhaps it is Dryinidae attack.

“These are solitary Wasps whose larvae are parasitoids on other insects. The only known hosts are Hemiptera, especially leafhoppers. The eggs are injected into the host using a sharp ovipositor and the larva spends its early stages feeding internally on the host, but when larger, it starts to protrude from the abdomen of the host and develops a hardened sac-like “case” to protect its vulnerable body while continuing to feed on the host, which is eventually killed.”

Credit to Jerome Constant and Kurt Orion G.

Posted June 2013. Poring