Special appreciation

I often get help from those experts in their respective fields especially related to ID . They help me to identify my  findings especially insects (and others like amphibians). So, I listed their names here. Please take note that those names are based on their Facebook account and may change anytime without my control.

1. Kurt Orion G (http://orionmystery.blogspot.com/)
2. Les Day (butterfly experts)
3. Doug Yanega (Entomologist)
4. Harald Schillhammer
5. Ken Ito
6. Nikola Rahme
7. Jason Luke (Snake, Frog)
8. The Late Prasobsuk Sukkit (Butterfly)
9. Antonio Giudici (Butterfly)
10. Jerome Constant (Fulgorid experts)
11. Khew SK (Butterflies expert)
12. Peter Smetacek
13. Ming Kai Tan (Katydid expert)
14. Mohd Abdul Muin
15. David Gerard Ball
16. Gil Wizen
17. Soon Chye (Butterfly)
18. Franziska Bauer(Moth)
19. Joe Justin (Passionate Sabahan insects photographer)
20. Lc Goh
21. Pingchung Lee
22. Chey Vun Khen
23. Paul Yambun (Frog of Sabah)
24. Michael Geiser
25. Chun Xing Wong Claveria
26. Dr. Potanthus Ttp (Butterflies expert)
27. David Tseu Teck Hiong (Birds)

4 thoughts on “Special appreciation”

  1. What a stunning blog with images you have here!!! Will follow you more here and keep up your beautiful work.
    Kindest regards, Priscilla

  2. I really like the fact that you acknowledge the person who helped you. Love your photos. Keep blogging eventho most people these days don’t read blogs.

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