Pithauria marsena (Branded Straw Ace)

Pithauria marsena (Branded Straw Ace). ID by Antonio Giudici

Prosotas nora (Common Line Blue)

Junonia hedonia (Brown Pansy)

Posted 8 May 2017
Posted 8 May 2017

The Fivebar Swordtail. Graphium antiphates

Found 11 March 2017. Posted 25 April 2017

Kinabalu White Banded Count (Tanaecia amisa)

This species is endemic to Borneo.

Found 9 April 2017. Posted 25 April 2017
Heavily cropped for shot record.

Eurema hecabe. Common Grass Yellow

Common Grass Yellow. Eurema hecabe. Posted 13 February 2017.