Pithauria marsena (Branded Straw Ace)

Pithauria marsena (Branded Straw Ace). ID by Antonio Giudici

Prosotas nora (Common Line Blue)

Junonia hedonia (Brown Pansy)

Posted 8 May 2017
Posted 8 May 2017

The Fivebar Swordtail. Graphium antiphates

Found 11 March 2017. Posted 25 April 2017

Kinabalu White Banded Count (Tanaecia amisa)

This species is endemic to Borneo.

Found 9 April 2017. Posted 25 April 2017
Heavily cropped for shot record.

Poritia phormedon (Kinabalu Gem)

I spotted a dead Poritia phormedon (Kinabalu Gem) near a small rocky stream. Endemic to Borneo.

Eurema hecabe. Common Grass Yellow

Common Grass Yellow. Eurema hecabe. Posted 13 February 2017.

The Dark Blue Jungle Glory (Thaumantis klugius).

Posted 23 February 2017. Found July 2016.