Red-Throated Barbet [Megalaima mystacophanos]

A male Red-Throated Barbet [Megalaima mystacophanos]. While looking for butterflies for my photography, I stumbled upon with this bird on the ground. Can’t fly and got many wounds on both wings. I believed this male has just finished fighting. I put it on a tree branch and took a few series of photos before I leave it on its own

Sunda Bush Warbler [Horornis vulcanius] 

Found 3 Jul. 2022. 7:42 AM. Tambunan. Posted 22 Aug. 2023
Found 2 Jul. 2022. 5:06 PM. Tambunan. Posted 8 Aug. 2023.
Found 2 Jul. 2022. 4:38 PM. Tambunan. Posted 22 Aug. 2023.
This bird is so busy looking for its prey. Found 3 Jul. 2022. 7:44 AM. Tambunan. Posted 8 Aug. 2023.